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Filming Schedule

This Saturday June 3rd we have four local St. Thomas businesses to film. (Masco Canada, GCW Custom Cabinetry, Geerlinks Home Furniture and NorthStar Windows at Jumbo Building Products).

Saturday Night we are hosting an event called “Friends and Hooligans” at the Midtown Tavern for Johnny’s friends and soccer buddies. We are looking for folks willing to share some memories about Johnny on and off the soccer field. A special thanks to Andrew “Harv” Harvey and the folks at the Midtown for hosting the event and to Natasha Andre for helping organize the event and food. Natasha informs me that finger foods will be provided and we ask that participants drink responsibly but enjoy the night.

Aaron will be there to capture the moments along with Mike Vecchio getting the conversations started along with Gene DiMeo and Tim Sheridan. So if you’ve got a story to share, we’d love to hear it as we build an amazing memory for Luke and Aleida.

And then we come to HOPE the Build. The camera crews arrive on the 8th and will begin filming the morning of the 9th at the site and continue right on through until the after party to be held at the Railway City Brewery on the 11th. Saturday June 10th should provide us with additional time to catch folks that want to tell their story, but could not make the 3rd. We will provide a more detailed film update for the build closer to the start date next week.

A Very Special thanks to our friends Sara and David Teare and the folks at 1Password for permitting us to use their RV as our command Centre for the film.

Checking out the command Centre: L/R Jamie Yolkowskie & Angela Nooren

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