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Project HOPE Begins

Beginning Friday June 9th at 6:00 am Doug Tarry Homes and a community of volunteers will begin construction of HOPE our fundraiser house build in honour of Johnny Nooren who passed away suddenly last summer from T Cell Lymphoma.

Working round the clock, we anticipate being done by 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon. The foundation will be in and ready for building prior to the build. Friday morning we start framing the home with 6 crews of framers sharing the load. Two crews will even be framing the roof on the lot next door and we anticipate craning the roof onto the home before noon.

We are nearly fully scheduled with volunteers but are looking at sponsors for a few more meals. In addition, there is a viewing grandstand available for people to watch the build safely. So if you've ever wondered how they blitz build a home on TV in a week, we're doing it in THREE DAYS and it will be a Net Zero Ready home. We are encouraging people to come out and cheer on all our volunteers. It’s going to be EPIC!

For more information please contact:
Suzie Dennis at 519-637-6819 Ext. 30

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