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What is a Net Zero Home?

In simple terms a Net Zero home will create as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. In order for this to work, the home must be designed and constructed with a building envelope that is very tight and with walls, floor and ceilings that are highly insulated. The mechanical and plumbing systems are then right sized to the home and equipped with highly efficient motors, heat exchangers and delivery systems.

Once all these loads are optimized, the number of solar panels are calculated that would be needed to run the home, based upon some modelling assumptions around typical usage. The solar panels are then installed along with an inverter to push excess energy back to the energy provide and an energy usage monitor is installed.

For Net Zero Ready, the builder does all of the above except the solar panels are not installed at the time of construction. In essence, the Net Zero Ready Home is future proofed against rising energy costs. As the cost of solar panels comes down and the cost of energy goes up, the customer is able to make the decision for when it makes financial sense to install the panels.

Our Net Zero philosophy is not just about extremely efficient buildings, we embrace a holistic concept that includes right sized equipment with simple "Set It and Forget It" controls designed with what we believe to be the most important consideration: Occupant affordability, health, enjoyment and comfort!

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