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7 Nights in Paradise Auction

This Sunday June 11th at noon we will be auctioning off 7 nights in La Cruz Mexico provided by our friends Cindy and Chris Bouchard at Villa Amor del Mar in La Cruz. There is a minimum bid of $600 on this fabulous holiday. Payments can be arranged from the winning bidder for payment by cheque after the auction.

This has become one of our favourite holiday destinations. This is a 5-room boutique hotel with fabulous views of the Bay of Banderas. Breakfast is included along with a rooftop dinner and brunch with your hosts. Flights and other meals are extra. If you are the fortunate winner, you have to go to the Sunday Market and to Taco’s on the Street.

Join us at HOPE for the live Auction with Alan Hughson running the festivities. This is before the sod race and home staging and only a few hours before the home’s unveiling. We HOPE to see you there.

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