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Are You Ready?

We are down to 8 days to go before HOPE begins. Are you ready? Abe and Tobey are.

THIS Saturday June 3rd we will have our final review meeting prior to HOPE. It will again take place at the Malahide Community Place located at 12105 Whittaker Rd, Springfield, ON. The meeting will last from 8:30 until 11:00. The intention of this meeting is to review and finalize the schedule, review the staging of materials and vehicles for site logistics and review the safety requirements for the build. Again, a big thanks to Eugenio DiMeo and Malahide for hosting our meeting.

Parking is extremely tight on the build site itself and we are asking everyone to car pool wherever possible. This also means that we can only permit the skilled trades who need their tools on site to park on Ashberry as well as the food deliveries. We will review parking at this meeting.

Also, there are still some outstanding items to review. For example:

  • At the last meeting, a framer mentioned a possible contact for screws and fasteners. I did not catch the name, so I need to ask if this has been dealt with.
  • St. Thomas Custom Drywall asked about where to prep the mud and water stations. We are working that out with them, but it points out that if you need something for your work to be completed, we need to know on Saturday at the latest. If you wait until the day of your shift, it will slow things down.

Carrie, or I will send out the up to date schedule and site logistics map later today.

If you are a general labour volunteer and are able to attend the meeting this Saturday, please join us so you can hear this update first hand.

Chalking the line to prep HOPE porch for concrete: Pictured L/R: Abe Penner, Nick Penner (behind Abe), Tobey Penner.

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