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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a home:

Q. Do I need a real estate agent to buy a Doug Tarry Home?

A. A realtor is not required as we have our own agreement of purchase and sale and our professional sales staff will guide you through the process. However, if you are working with a realtor in the search for your new home and want your agent to represent you in the purchase of your new Doug Tarry Home, there is no additional cost to you. And of course we always recommend that you review the legal document with your legal advisor.

Q. I currently have my home listed with a realtor. Do I require his/her involvement in the purchase of a new home?

A. No. The sale of your existing home is a separate legal transaction from the purchase of your new home.

Q. What advantages are there to buying a new home vs. a resale home?

A. Your new home is designed and built to be very low maintenance (you still have to change the furnace filter), is far more energy efficient, healthy, quiet and comfortable than a resale home. in addition your new home can be personalized suit your needs in both design and interior selections and comes with a warranty.

Q. I am concerned about the housing market. Should I wait to buy a home until the market improves?

A. There has never been a better time to buy a new home, especially here in Southwestern Ontario. Interest rates are at record lows, the homes being built are more energy efficient than ever and we have not had the same challenges with our housing that has occurred south of the border.

Q. What is a Feature Home? Is it built differently than one I would build?

A. A feature home, or inventory spec home, is pre-constructed for purchasers who want a new home with a quick closing date, often as early as 30 days. At Doug Tarry Homes we pre-select the floor plan, exterior, standards and finishes, however the quality of construction (how the home is built) of our Feature Homes is to the same exacting details as all of our homes. Depending on how far the construction has progressed, it may also be possible for you to select your own, flooring, paint and cabinetry. Typically this home would have a longer closing date (approximately 60 to 90 days remaining on the construction schedule).

Q. Does Doug Tarry Homes offer warranty? If so who is the warranty registered with?

A. Yes, all Doug Tarry Homes are registered with Tarion (Ontario's New Home Warranty Plan Act)

Q. Does every new home come with a warranty?

A. Not always. Every new home builder is required to register their homes with Tarion, however a private owner operating as their own General Contractor is not required to. This is the largest source of major warranty problems in the province.

Q. What is your price per sq. ft. for a Doug Tarry Home?

A. Doug Tarry Homes does not calculate home pricing by a general sq. ft. price. Because we offer so many features to how our homes are constructed, we have to price the home based upon the features of the home. However, there are other builders that will offer a price by the sq. ft. It has been our experience that this has often led to misunderstandings between the builder and the purchaser about what was intended to be included. For example:

  • Is the ceiling height 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, vaulted or containing a two storey ceiling.
  • Does the exterior have brick, stone, cement board, or vinyl siding? Are there unique trim details such as wooden gable beams, or dormers in the roofline?
  • How detailed are the roof lines, is passive solar design being considered, are there covered porch areas?
  • How many bathrooms, what is the kitchen layout?
  • Is the garage included and what is the size?
  • What is the grading for the lot? Is it typical or a walk out lot with additional construction costs and is this noted?
  • Building a Home:

    Q. Can I buy the lot and build my own home?

    A. The lot cannot be purchased separately as Doug Tarry Homes control the streetscape, and we don't want a lot to sit vacant in order to finish out a phase.

    Q. Can you build with the set of plans that I have?

    A. Yes, however, we will not copy another builders plans and, depending on the requirements of the plan, a design fee may apply.

    Q. How long will it take to build my new home?

    A. Build times range from 4½ to 5½ months depending on the home being built.

    Taxes and other fees:

    Q. How are Municipal taxes determined?

    A. Generally municipal taxes are the Community tax rate, or “Mill Rate” multiplied by the property value assessed on the home.

    Q. What are the city taxes like in St. Thomas?

    A. In the City of St. Thomas the tax rate or “Mill Rate” is 1.6%. To calculate your approximate taxes on your new home, multiply the purchase price by the Mill Rate. (i.e. $200,000 x 1.6% = $3,200 annual municipal taxes).

    Q. Is the HST included in the home price, or is it extra?

    A. Doug Tarry Homes includes the net applicable HST in the home and lot pricing, including what we publish on the internet. We also have a disclaimer at the bottom of all our price pages indicating that the HST is included. Not all builders include the HST in their published prices so it is important to be sure you know if it is included or not.

    Q. Are there additional Fees or Levies and are they included in my purchase price?

    A. Each Municipality will typically have a development charge for the lot servicing and a building permit fee for the construction of the home and they do vary from community to community. In St. Thomas development charges are just over $7K, while in London they are more than $23K. There is also a Tarion enrollment fee for each home. Doug Tarry Homes includes these fees in the price you are quoted but not every builder does.

    Q. Am I responsible to pay Land Transfer Tax?

    A. If you are a first time home buyer then you are not required to pay Land Transfer Tax, otherwise it is a cost due upon closing. Consult your legal advisor for costs and payment method.

    Q. Are closing, or legal costs included in the purchase price?

    A. No. The builder's legal fees are included, but the purchasers closing costs and legal fees are at their expense and generally due to the lawyer on closing. Consult your legal advisor for costs and payment method.

    Energy Efficiency:

    Q. What is an energy star home?

    A. An Energy Star Qualified home, is enrolled in the Energy Star program administered by Natural Resources Canada. It has a rigorous set of guidelines to ensure the homes overall performance is better than a Code Built home. It has third party verification to ensure that the program requirements are met or exceeded. An Energy Star home will be more comfortable, quiet, durable and Energy Efficient than a code Built Home.

    Q. Do we have to have the solar ready portion of the home or can we credit it back?

    A. Solar Ready is something that is unique to Doug Tarry Homes and is provided in all of our builds. It is not something that will be credited back.

    Living in Our Communities:

    Q. Does the storm management pond have a lot of bugs during the summer?

    A. No. Due to the almost constant breeze and the abundance of insect eating birds, the areas surrounding the ponds have almost no pesky bugs.