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Building Your Home

At Doug Tarry Homes we know that building a new home can seem overwhelming.

We're here make it easy, offering you step by step printable guides and answers to the most frequent questions new owners have.

From our first day on the job at your new home, to the day we hand you the keys, and whenever you need after-sale service, Doug Tarry Limited works for you. Located in St. Thomas Ontario, Doug Tarry Homes is just a phone call away!

Six distinct communities that share a single vision

Brains of Home (Video)

Cardinal 366 with warm edge (Video)

Solar Ready (Video)

Optimum Wall (Video)

ERV (Video)

The Right-Sized Furnace (Video)

Optimum Basement Wall (Video)

Steps to Building your New Home

Home Building ABC's

Additions and Renovations

Doug Tarry Subdivision Plan for New House

Energy Star

How Drywall Cracks and Nail Pops are Prevented with A Doug Tarry Built Home

New Home Tips: Changing Furnace Filter in Your New Home

Radon and what you should know!

New Home Tips: Finishing the Basement at Your New Home

New Home Tips: First Winter in Your New Home

New Home Tips: Great Insight on Flooring Choices for Your New Home

New Home Tips: Preparing Windows & Doors of Your New Home for Winter

New Home Tips: Preparing Your Home Exterior Taps for Winter

Solar Ready

New Home Tips: Selecting Colours for Your New Home

New Home Tips: Winter Roof Maintenance of Your New Home

First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Controlling Winter Humidity: A Quick Reference Chart:

Controlling Winter Humidity: A Quick Rule of Thumb

Controlling Winter Humidity: Common Misconceptions!

Controlling Winter Humidity: What Level of Humidity is Appropriate:

Controlling Winter Humidity: When to use your HRV (ERV), Dehumidifier or Humidifier:


ROXUL - Doug Tarry Homes Optimum Basement Wall

Information on Land Transfer Tax